The list below and on subsequent pages represents most of the dance notations published by the Folk Dance Federation of California in Let's Dance! magazine and its predecessors through Decmber 2014. There are over 1070 titles listed. As descriptions are published, they will be added to the list in December of each year.

(Addendum: September 2014) Up until now, we had dance description starting in 1949. We recently discovered that there were dance descriptions printed from 1946 through and including 1949. We discovered they existed almost by accident, when we read a reference in An Editor's Gratitude column in June of 1949 that alludes to their preparation by the Research Committee and the fact that they were a big selling point for the magazine. With that tip, we located two old issues in our collection where, by some lucky twist of fate, the dance descriptions stayed in the magazine: Mexican Schottis in 1948 and Eide Ratas in January of 1947.

Where were the other missing descriptions and why were almost ALL of them missing? First of all, the pages were printed on heavier paper, unnumbered, and inserted into the magazine, not stapled into it as they were later. Some of them were three-hole punched, obviously intended to be removed and collected in a binder. As a consequence, except for the two instances mentioned above, the issues of Let's Dance! that have survived from 1946 through early 1949 don't include the dance descriptions. Early issues also did not include a Table of Contents so we didn't know we were missing the dance descriptions, and because the descriptions were unnumbered, there was no gap in the page numbers.

(Addendum October 2014) Let's Dance! Editor Gary Anderson was enlisted to check his files and -- lo and behold -- many of the missing dance descriptions were there! Almost all of the issues from January 1946 through December 1949 had dance descriptions on a heavier cardstock tucked into the pages of the unstapled magazine. We're in the process of getting them scanned and uploaded. We are still missing a few, but will be working with the Archives Committee to see if their collection of back issues has any dance descriptions hiding in them.

Much thanks to Lucy Chang, Dick Rawson, Cricket Rayburn, Joyce Uggla, Bill Wenzel, Dick Oakes, Bill Lidicker, and the many others who helped create and populate this list. Thanks also to Bob Young and David Valentine who both dug through their old back issues and files to correct misinformation on these pages, and provide missing notes and better copies to substitute for several dozen poor images we had. Additional thanks to Karen Bennett who tested links, found typos and generally made sure what is posted is reasonably accurate.

Please contact the webmanager if one of the links does not work or displays the wrong dance. Typos happen! Ditto for any other errors (date or year is wrong, something is misspelled...).

If you are not already aware of it, Stockton Folk Dance Camp has all of their past syllabi available on-line through their website. The Southern California Folk Dance Federation has a nice collction of dance notes here. Even more dance notations available at: The NFO  (National Folk Organization) website.

The Federation's publication Index and Pronunciation Guide published in 2004 and the Federation's Steps and Styling Guide published in 1977 are also available.

Finally, Larry Miller (a long-time dancer and researcher) maintained a database until 1996. At that point it was printed and widely distributed, but it has not been updated since then. It remains, however, a great source of information about folk dances taught in California.

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NAME Form Country Month Year
A Ja Tzo Saritsa S Moravia Nov 1959
Aalistullaa P Russian/Finnish June 2000
Abdala NP Bulgaria July/Aug 1992
Ada's Krakowiak P Poland Mar 1975
Ada’s Kujawiak No 1 P Poland Dec 1974
Adjon az Isten NP Hungary Nov 1983
Agattanz P Austria Apr 1961
Aj Lipo Ti Je NP Croatia Jan 2010
Ajde Jano NP Serbia Nov 1972
Al Gemali NP Israel Aug/Sept 1972
Al Je Ljepo NP Croatia May/June 2010
Al Kanfe Hakesef NP Israel Nov 1998
Al Sadenu NP Israel Oct 1979
Alahoy M Philippines Oct 1977
Alana's Mazur P Poland Apr 1981
Alandsflickan P Finland May 1964
Ali Pasa NP Turkey Apr 1973
Allemannsmarsj M Norway July/Aug 1989
Almelose Kermisse P Netherlands Nov 1962
Alunelu from Varv NP Bulgaria Nov 2009
Alunelul NP Romania Dec 1956
Alunelul de la Urzica NP Romania Nov 1985
Amanor Waltz P US/Norway Jan 1950
An Dro Retourne NP France May 1998
Andulicka NP Czechoslovakia Dec 2001
Anglaise P Denmark Oct 2013
Angus MacLeod S Scotland March 1965
Ankeliini S Finland Sept 1999
Anneli Walzer P Switzerland Jan 1965
Anniversary Progressive Two-Step M England Jan 1968
Apat-Apat M Philippines June/July 1965
Arap NP Macedonia March 1968
Arcanul Batrinesc NP Romania April 2007
Ardeleana Cu Figuri P Romania March 1970
Ardeleana din Banat P Romania Feb 1986
Aredje di Malimpre S Belgium Dec 1964
Argo Hasapiko NP Greece Feb 1970
Ariciul de la Peretu NP Romania Oct 2008
Armenian Misirlou NP Armenia Apr 1962
Asadoya Yunta NP Japan Oct 2003
Assoulis NP Armenia Apr 1993
At Va'ani NP Israel May 1969
Atta Man Engel S Finland Jan 1977
Attetur fra Asker P Norway July/Aug 1993
Atzay Hatsaftsafot P Israel Sept 1995
Austrian Dreisteirer T Austria Oct 1952
Avant-Deux des Touches S France Oct 1997
Axum Reel S Scotland May 1964
Ayelet Ahavim P Israel Feb 1981
Azul Cielo P Mexico Sept 1977
Ba La M Israel Nov 2007
Ba-Ingles P Philippines Apr 1979
Baanopstekker P Netherlands March 1958
Baba Djurdja NP Macedonia Feb 1995
Backovsko Horo NP Bulgaria Nov 2007
Baglaens Kontrasejre S Denmark Apr 1951
Baile da Camacha S Portugal Aug/Sept 1958
Baint An Fheir Haymakers Jig S Ireland Dec 1961
Bal de Jugon P France Dec 1991
Ballaristos NP Greece Nov 2006
Ballo Sardo Ballo Tanto P Sardinia March 1997
Ballos from Chios P Greece July 1957
Ballos From Kassos NP Greece Nov 1963
Balmoral-Strathspey S Scotland Jan 1996
Balta NP Romania Oct 2007
Bandura Kozachok P Ukraine Feb 1964
Bansko Horo NP Bulgaria Aug 2008
Bapardess Leyad Hashoket NP Israel Dec 1984
Bare Necessities S England Nov 1984
Bavno Oro NP Macedonia Nov 1956
Baztan Dantza NP Spain Sept 1979
Beale Street Blues P US Feb 1991
Beautiful Ohio Waltz P US July 1950
Bees of Maggieknockater S Scotland Oct 1976
Bekedorfer Quadrille S Germany March 1964
Bekesi Paros P Hungary Sept 1982
Bela Rada NP Serbia Oct 1956
Belasicko NP Macedonia Apr 1969
Believe P/NP Japan Dec 2012
Bella Franca NP Catalonia Nov 1966
Belle of Bon Accord S Scotland Apr 1990
Bellendans (Jingle Bells) P Netherlands Dec 1949
Berace, Levendikos, Pusteno NP Albania/Macedonia Mar 1994
Bialy Mazur S Poland Mar 1998
Bialy Mazur S Poland Jan 1964
Bicak NP Bulgaria July/Aug 1986
Biddy The Basketwoman S Ireland March 1957
Big Circle Mt Square Dance & Clogging P US Apr 1974
Bizourka and Freestyle Flemish Mazurka P Belgim, Flanders, N. France July/Aug 2012
Black Earth Circle P Germany Oct 1971
Black Forest Mazurka P Germany Oct 1968
Black Mountain Reel S Scotland Dec 1988
Black Nag S England Sept 1997
Blue Danube Waltz P England Sept 1950
Blue Pacific Waltz P US Aug 1951
Bluebell Waltz P Scotland Dec 1959
Bo Elay P Israel May 1988
Boarisch P Austria Apr 1983
Bohemian Mazurka P Bohemia July/Aug 1999
Bohemian National Polka P Bohemia July/Aug 1991
Bohmischer Landler P Austria Feb 1968
Bona Habanot P Israel July 1956
Bondpolska frau Overharde P Sweden Jan 1990
Bonny Cuckoo, The S England Dec 2009
Boston Two Step (California version) P England/US March 1950
Boston Two Step (English version) P England March 1950
Bourree Carree de St. Chartier S France May 1970
Bourree Des Jeunes Du Val de Loire S France Dec 1980
Bourree Droite Du Pays Fort S France June/July 1969
Bourree Mussee, La S France July/Aug 1976
Bourree Pastourelle, La S France Jan 1973
Bourrees Bourbonnaises S France Sept 1994
Bourrees Croisees P France Feb 1966
Branle de la Fosse Aux Loups NP France Nov 2014
Brandiswalzer P Switzerland Apr 1955
Brasni Carvul NP Bulgaria Apr 1999
Bratach Bana S Scotland Apr 1990
Breakdown, The S Scotland July/Aug 2005
Bre Devojce-Pod Ona NP Serbia Sept 1978
Bregovsko Horo NP Bulgaria Sept 1975
Brestaska Rucenica NP Bulgaria Feb 2000
Bridge of Athlone S Ireland May 1952
Briu Batrin NP Romania Dec 1982
Briul de la Fagaras NP Romania April 1993
Brown Eyed Mary P U.S. Sept 1951
Brzak NP Serbia Nov 1990
Bucimis NP Bulgaria Oct 1987
Bufcansko NP Macedonia Apr 1004
Bundner Cheerab P Switzerland Dec 1956
Bunievachko Momachko Kolo T Serbia May 1955
Caballito Blanco P Mexico Dec 1949
Cacak NP Serbia Jan 1957
Cacak from Padez NP Serbia Sept 1995
Camp of Pleasure S Scotland May/June 1979
Canadian Barn Dance P England Feb 1950
Cardas P Czechoslovakia March 1980
Cardas Z Kosickych Hamrovs P Slovakia Oct 1957
Carlama NP Serbia Aug/Sept 1968
Carnaval de Lanz NP France March 2008
Carnavalito NP Bolivia Jan 1975
Castillana S Spain Apr 1970
Castle Schottische, The S U.S. Feb 1991
Ceresnicky NP Czechoslovakia Mar 1980
Cesky Minet P Czechoslovakia Nov 2001
Cesky Polonez P Czechoslovakia Mar 2004
Cetvorka NP Macedonia May 1967
Cetvorno NP Bulgaria Nov 1990
Chamcheto NP Macedonia May/June 2008
Changier Quadrille S Germany Dec 1966
Chekurjankino Horo NP Bulgaria Sept 2008
Cherevichky P Russia May/June 1994
Cherish The Ladies S Ireland April 1977
Chester Schottische P< U.S May 1951
Chiao Pi Chung Tien Jen P Taiwan March 1981
Chilbitanz S Switzerland May 1958
Chotish Del Norte P Mexico March 1971
Churshat Ha'ekaliptus P Israel May/June 1996
Ciardas Spiski P Poland Oct 1984
Cielito Lindo P US Aug 1949
Cigancica P Serbia Feb 1967
Ciganytanc NP Hungary Apr 1995
Cije E Ona Mome NP Macedonia Nov 1987
Cimpoi NP Romania May/June 1974
Circle Schottisch P US/Sweden May/June 1977
Ciro P Croatia Aug/Sept 1967
Citcit P Turkey April 1979
Ciuleandra NP Romania Nov 1973
Clap and Turn Polka P Slovenia Feb 1957
Clarinetes Calientes P Mexico July/Aug 1985
Clawdd offa S Wales July/Aug 1987
Clogging P U.S. April 1974
Cobankat NP Albania Sept 2004
Cocek S Yugoslavia Jan 1988
Cocek za merak NP Macedonia/Rom Nov 2005
Codraneasca din Valea Chioarului NP Romania May/June 2006
Columbine Mazurka P U.S./Poland June/July 1958
Comme Tu Es Belle M France Jan 1976
Congo P Haiti Sept 1954
Congo de Captieux S France Mar 1991
Connemara Barndance P Ireland Oct 1991
Copeo De Muntanya S Mallorca April 1964
Cor Beirte P Ireland Oct 1951
Corlu Aroman NP Romania Oct 2015
Cotillon de Baie Ste-Catherine S French Canada July/Aug 1978
Couple Hasapiko P Greece March 1963
Craitele NP Romania March 1983
Croatian Waltz P Croatia July 1971
Csardas (Michael's) P Hungary Sept 1974
Csardas from Ecser P Hungary Oct 1964
Csendes es Forgos Csardas P Hungary March 1984
Culla Bay S Scotland Dec 2007
Cumberland Reel S Scotland Dec 1959
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