Board Meeting Minutes

The Folk Dance Federation of California is a 501(c)(3) non-profit. Board meetings are held 4-5 times a year including a General Membership Meeting.

The minutes of these Board meetings and annual General Meeting are available for viewing. These are PDF documents. In many cases, the minutes DO NOT include any referenced attachments, although they do in some cases. If you would like to see a specific attachment, please email the web manager and request a copy be sent to you.

Minutes prior to 2008 were hardcopy only and were scanned and added as they were located. Many thanks to Past-President Craig Blackstone and Past-President Bill Lidicker for providing hard copies of early minutes. If anyone is cleaning out a closet or basement or attic and comes across additional copies of minutes, please contact the web manager.

Minutes of meetings held in 1991-1993 are not available at this time. A donation was made to the Archives Committee that included copies of the minutes of Federation meetings held 1967-1970. These minutes provide a rare look at the history of folk dance in Northern California.

2024-02-05Festival of the Oaks
2024-01-14Zoom teleconference
2023-11-19Zoom teleconference
2023-09-10Zoom teleconference
2023-07-09Zoom teleconference
2023-05-07Zoom teleconference
2023-03-19Zoom teleconference
2023-02-12Festival of the Oaks
2023-01-15Zoom teleconference
2022-11-20Zoom teleconference
2022-09-18Zoom teleconference
2022-07-09Zoom teleconference
2022-04-24Zoom teleconference
2022-02-20Zoom teleconference
2021-10-03Zoom teleconference
2021-06-06Zoom teleconference
2021-03-28Zoom teleconference
2020-12-06Zoom teleconference
2020-10-04Zoom teleconference
2020-08-02Zoom teleconference
2020-06-01Zoom teleconference
2020-04-13Zoom teleconference
2020-02-08Festival of the Oaks
2019-11-23Palo Alto
2019-09-28Palo Alto
2019-07-28Stockton Folk Dance Camp
2019-04-28Blossom Festival
2019-02-10Festival of the Oaks
2019-01-19Redwood City
2018-12-08Palo Alto
2018-07-22Stockton Folk Dance Camp
2018-04-29Blossom Festival
2018-02-11Festival of the Oaks
2018-01-20Redwood City
2017-12-09Palo Alto
2017-10-14San Carlos
2017-07-23Stockton Folk Dance Camp
2017-04-12Blossom Festival
2017-02-12Festival of the Oaks
2017-01-14Heritage Festival
2016-11-19Palo Alto
2016-07-24Stockton Folk Dance Camp
2016-04-24Blossom Festival
2016-02-24Festival of the Oaks
2016-01-23Heritage Festival
2015-09-19Palo Alto
2015-07-26Stockton Folk Dance Camp
2015-04-26Blossom Festival
2015-03-07Camellia Festival
2015-02-08Festival of the Oaks
2015-01-10Heritage Festival
2014-10-25the Lidickers' residence
2014-09-13the Radins' residence
2014-07-27Stockton Folk Dance Camp
2014-04-27Blossom Festival
2014-01-11Heritage Festival
2013-04-28Blossom Festival
2013-03-09Camellia Festival
2013-02-09Festival of the Oaks
2013-01-27Heritage Festival
2012-07-25Stockton Folk Dance Camp
2012-04-22Blossom Festival
2012-03-10Camellia Festival
2012-02-25Festival of the Oaks
2012-01-14Heritage Festival
2011-07-27Stockton Folk Dance Camp
2011-06-04Home of Tucker/Zappe Residence
2011-04-30Blossom Festival
2011-04-30Fiesta de Sonoma
2011-01-15Heritage Festival
2010-10-30Lidickers' Residence
2010-07-17Tucker/Zappe Residence
2010-01-16Heritage Festival
2009-09-13Fiesta de Sonoma
2009-04-26Blossom Festival
2009-03-14Camellia Festival
2009-02-21Festival of the Oaks
2009-01-10Heritage Festival
2008-10-18Harvest Festival
2008-09-14Fiesta de Sonoma
2008-09-01December - Email Meeting
2007-09-09Fiesta de Sonoma
2007-03-10Camellia Festival
2007-02-24Festival of the Oaks
2007-01-13Heritage Festival
2006-10-22Harvest Festival
2006-09-10Fiesta de Sonoma
2006-04-23Blossom Festival
2006-02-04Festival of the Oaks
2006-01-14Executive Board
2005-05-21Vickland Residence
2005-03-06Camellia Festival
2005-02-15Festival of the Oaks
2005-01-22Heritage Festiva
2004-10-17Harvest Festival
2004-10-10Executive Board
2004-09-12Executive Board
2004-09-12Fiesta de Sonoma
2004-06-19Bacher Residence
2004-04-25Blossom Festival
2004-03-14Camellia Festival
2004-02-29Festival of the Oaks
2004-02-23Festival of the Oaks
2004-01-10Executive Board
2003-09-07Fiesta de Sonoma
2003-04-27Blossom Festival
2002-12-01Treasurer's Ball
2002-10-20Harvest Festival
2002-09-08Fiesta de Sonoma
2002-04-21Blossom Festival
2002-03-10Camellia Festival
2002-02-24Festival of the Oaks
2001-12-02Treasurer's Ball
2001-10-21Harvest Festival
2001-09-09General Assembly
2001-08-09Executive Board
2001-04-29General Assembly
2001-04-21Executive Board
2001-03-11General Assembly
2001-02-25Festival of the Oaks
2001-01-20Executive Board
2000-12-03Treasurer's Ball
2000-11-04Executive Board
2000-10-22Harvest Festival
2000-09-23Executive Board
2000-09-10Fiesta de Sonoma
2000-06-03Executive Board
2000-05-28Statewide 2000
2000-04-30Blossom Festival
2000-03-12Camellia Festival
2000-02-27Festival of the Oaks
1999-12-05Treasurer's Ball
1999-10-17Harvest Festival
1999-09-12Fiesta de Sonoma
1999-04-25Blossom Festival
1999-03-07Camellia Festival
1999-02-21Festival of the Oaks
1998-12-06Treasurer's Ball
1998-10-18Harvest Festival
1998-09-13Fiesta de Sonoma
1998-04-26Blossom Festival
1998-03-29Pereira Residence
1998-03-15Camellia Festival
1998-03-01Executive Board
1998-02-22Festival of the Oaks
1998-01-11Executive Board
1997-12-11Executive Board
1997-12-07General Assembly
1997-11-02Executive Board
1997-10-19Harvest Festival
1997-09-28Executive Board
1997-09-14General Assembly
1997-06-08Executive Board
1997-04-27Executive Board
1997-04-20Blossom Festival
1997-03-09Camellia Festival
1997-02-23Festival of the Oaks
1997-02-02Executive Board
1996-12-01General Assembly
1996-10-20General Assembly
1996-09-29Executive Board
1996-09-08Fiesta de Sonoma
1996-06-02Executive Board
1996-04-28Blossom Festival
1996-03-24Executive Board
1996-03-10Camellia Festival
1996-02-18Festival of the Oaks
1996-01-21Executive Board
1996-01-20Heritage Festival
1995-12-03Executive Board
1995-12-03Treasurer's Ball
1995-10-22Harvest Festival
1995-10-15Executive Board
1995-09-10Fiesta de Sonoma
1995-06-25Executive Board
1995-04-23Blossom Festival
1995-03-18Executive Board
1995-02-28Camellia Festival
1995-01-21Redwood City
1995-01-08Executive Board
1994-12-04Treasurer's Ball
1994-11-03Pereira Residence
1994-10-16Fresno Autumn Harvest Festival
1994-10-02Executive Board
1994-06-19Executive Board
1994-05-24Blossom Festival
1990-10-21Harvest Festival
1975-09-14Assembly, Sonoma
1975-02-23Assembly, Oakland
1970-05-17Santa Rosa
1970-04-19San Francisco
1970-01-25San Jose
1969-12-07Daly City
1969-06-22Fresno ?
1969-04-20San Francisco
1968-04-28San Francisco
1968-04-21San Francisco
1968-02-11San Francisco
1968-01-21San Jose