Winds on the Tor (England)

Winds on the Tor (a “World” dance)
This is a modern Sacred Circle dance from the Galstonbury Circle group. This circle dance was taught by Steve Kotansky at the Sunday night party on 17 July 2016 at Stockton Folk Dance Camp as the date coincided with the First Annual World Sacred Circle Dance Day. It was choreographed by the Glastonbury Tor (England) Circle Dance Group to the tune “The Young Brown Cow.” There are many versions of a dance of the same name on YouTube, dating back to 2010. Steve called it a “world” dance as it was chosen for World Sacred Circle Dance Day. YouTube research indicates the dance is done in many countries, including England, Germany, Brazil and Chile. This version of the music employs an Irish tune, Chinese and Irish musical instruments, and steps that are Western European and Israeli. Dance notes…

The original notes have the following description:

The Tor on Glastonbury Hill is where Joseph of Aramatia, the uncle of Jesus, was thought to have brought the chalice and the spear after the crucifixion. The Well and the Hill are thought by many to be the place where the veils parted most between the worlds of wonder and the mundane. In any rate, a sacred height for centuries, even millennia! And the wind, she still blows across the grasses there.

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