Why do we dance?

At the Statewide 2016 Folk Dance Festival, dancers were asked to write about how dancing has enriched their life. Below are some of the responses.

“Folk dancing lights up my life!”

“Folk dance gave me an extended family. “

“Folk dancing is my exercise program, social life, and my life-long learning activity.”

“It’s wonderful to see and dance with my folk dancing friends. “

“Folk dancing has given me a wonderful community.”

“Folk dance has kept me happy, healthy, and sane for 40+ years.”

“Folk dancing is exercise I really enjoy and has introduced me to wonderful music.”

“Moving hand in hand to old rhythms, looking across the circle dancing with people I don’t know yet, doing dances danced by generations of peoples across the world. It’s a beautiful thing!”

“Folk dancing 29 years ago was where I met my spouse. (I still dance although he doesn’t.)”

“Folk dancing opened up a whole new world and life for me. Great people!”

“When tragedies have happened to my family, I’ve found great comfort and help in dancing. It’s a wonderful, supportive community.”

“Folk dancing saved my life. I was short-of-breath while dancing. I was finally diagnosed with an 80% blockage. On top of that, I won the love of a new wife.”

“Folk dancing brings wonderful people together in healthful, joyous exercise, and gave me a side hobby and profession – teaching and taking folks on dance trips.”

“Dancing saved me from the stresses of work! I don’t have to think about anything but my feet!”

“Folk dancing resets my mood: if I’m tired, it energizes me; if I’m frantic, it calms me down.”

“Were it not for folk dancing, I would not be here because my parents met folk dancing.”

“Folk dancing helped me return to sanity. I also met my boyfriend and a wonderful family through folk dancing.”

” I have fond memories of my father teaching me to polka with me standing on his feet.”

“I feel truly blessed to have found folk dancing again! Dancing gives me more joy than I can describe. The music and movement fill my soul. Dance, dance, wherever you may be and be happy!”

“Folk dancing improved my health and self-confidence. I met great friends and found a true passion!”

“Folk dancing has given me a whole new way of challenging myself to try new things!”

“I love to dance! I met my husband dancing and we have been dancing 25 years together. “

“Folk dance people are my best friends. Yeah!”

“I found my wife at folk dancing.”

“Folk dancing opened the world to me, bringing me my wife, new friends, world cultures. In short, it has made me a new person.”

“All I ever want to do is eat – sleep – dance.”