W Moim Ogródecku (Poland)

W Moim Ogródecku (VUH MO-yem oh-gruh-DETS-kuh), also spelled W Moim Ogródeczku, means “In My Garden.” The group that sings this song is Rokiczanka, based in Rokitno near Lubartow in Lubelskie county in Poland. This dance was choreographed and first taught by Ira Weisburd at Margate, Florida in 2014. It has been introduced to folk dancers in the United States, Canada, the Netherlands, Belgium, Bulgaria, Germany, Australia, and most recently in Warsaw and Lodz, Poland to wide acclaim. It was also taught by Lee Otterholt at the Laguna Festival 2016 and by Sanna Longden at the Festival of the Oaks 2017. Dance descriptions by Ira Weisburd, Lee Otterholt and Andrew Carnie are also available. Dance notes…

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