‘t Smidje (Belgium)

“‘t Smidge (the Smithy) is this decade’s Macarena”, says California Folkdance Federation’s Loui Tucker. It’s exceptionally popular throughout Europe. The music is from a 2009 CD “Documenta”, by the folk-rock band Lais. Many of Lais’ lyrics are taken from centuries-old Flemish folk songs. ’t Smidge is about a young medieval Dutch blacksmith who decides it’s time to get married, so he travels to France to find himself the prettiest woman ever. But she turns out to be a shrew and a nag, and he realizes he was far happier when it was just him, his anvil and his hammer.

The dance itself is almost identical to several other folk dances, like Allemansmarsj (Sweden), La Chapelloise (France), American Promenade (US) and Humppa Mixer (Finland). Dance notes…


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