Passu Torrau (Italy)

Passu Torrau (PAH-soo toh-RAU) comes from the vicinity of Nuoro (territory of Mamoiada) in Sardinia. Unlike most Sardinian dances, it consists of two different steps. Passu means “step” and torrau means “to come back.” There are many versions of this popular dance, but all are from the vicinity of Nuoro. It is commonly done at fiestas and after church on Sundays. Some versions involve couples joined in a circle. Celest DiPietropaolo and Marie DiCocco taught one version at the Mendocino Folklore Camp in 1994. At the 2007 National Folk Organization conference, Yves Moreau also introduced a version. This dance was taught by Roberto Bagnoli at the 2008 Stockton Folk Dance Camp. The song for this dance, Amore Contrariadu (complicated love), is played by the group Janas. The dance was re-taught by Bill and Louise Lidicker at the Harvest Festival, Fresno, CA, on 18 Oct. 2008, and by Craig Blackstone at the Heritage Festival in San Carlos, CA, on 10 Jan. 2009.

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