Give the gift of folk dance

Give a gift membership to a friend.

Do you have friends that especially enjoy social activities such as dance, are interested in international cultures, ethnic dance performances, or perform dance themselves? Are they dance students, professionals, educators, administrators, or advocates, young or old? If they are not already members consider starting their year by giving them the gift of membership in the Federation; a gift that will impact their interests and social life for years to come! Membership in the Federation helps one connect with other dance enthusiasts, support folk dance workshops, as well as receive information on Northern California dance events, news, and a dance description in each issue of Let’s Dance!, the official publication of the Federation.

Surprise a friend with a gift membership to the Folk Dance Federation…it’s tax deductable too.

The Folk Dance Federation is a 501(c)3 non-profit member-driven organization with members who vote, hold office, organize dance clubs and events, advocate dance, develop world-class publications, teach, choreograph, perform, and dance. To a large extent, members determine the future directions of the Federation and more importantly join together to enhance dance and cultural appreciation in their communities and beyond.

Membership is the lifeblood of the Folk Dance Federation as it is for any organization. There are four different types of membership in the Federation: individual, family, group, and student.

  • Individual members ($35) are eligible for folk dance class, workshop, or camp scholarships.
  • Family/couples membership ($45) enables everyone in your household to share the benefits of membership at a reasonable price.
  • Group or dance club members ($40) are eligible for free promotion on the Federation website and discounted advertising in Let’s Dance! Group members who need to provide liability insurance at their dance venues are also happy to know they may apply and obtain this affordably through the Federation.
  • Students ($25) may obtain full individual membership at a discounted price.

Membership dues are now as affordable as a standard yearly magazine subscription. If one does nothing else as a member one can receive and read each issue of Let’s Dance! in the mail as you would for the price of a retail magazine.

Send a Gift Membership