Virtual Folk Dance Resources

Move the furniture, roll up the rug, and get ready to dance in your own home with these once weekly or monthly dance classes and parties held online. During COVID-19, dancers have had to quickly adapt to continue meeting and dancing online so to be socially distant but not apart. Browse the table below for groups and use links provided to connect to dance via your computer and web cam. Be ready to enter the password if one is required. Be sure to e-mail the contact of each group for questions or advice before joining.

Tips for Best Enjoyment

  • If your TV has an HDMI input connect it to your computer to use the TV as a second extra large display
  • Ensure most the light in the room is not at your back
  • Use an external speaker with your laptop for best clarity and volume

Folk Dance Federation Virtual Groups

Additional tips or groups for the list? Corrections? Let us know