Publicity Materials

Folk Dance Federation Publicity Posters

Designed to be posted in a public place. Includes tear-off strips.

Designed to be placed on a table and picked up by anyone interested.

Do not print these flyers in black and white. Spend a little extra and get them printed in color. It will be worth it!

Folk Dance Federation First Class Free Program

Not all member dance classes and clubs honor this Coupon. Check the the club’s listing to be sure!

Already a dancer? Use the Coupon to try out another class in your area. Cut out the Coupon and invite a friend to join you next week.

Folk Dance Federation Bumperstrips

These stickers are free, but they are not souvenirs for your scrapbook, bulletin board, or desk drawer. You must promise to put it on a car or something that will get a lot of visibility. You may request a small quantity for distribution in your area, but you cannot sell them. Contact for more information and/or to provide an address for mailing. And if you really want to contribute to this effort, consider making a donation to the Federation.