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Üç Kiz Bir Ana (Turkey)

Originally taught by Ahmet Lüleci. The dance is from the town of Artvin, the song is from Kars. Translation: Three girls (daughters) and one mother Music: Yavuz Bingöl: Üç Kiz Bir Ana Meter: 10/8.

De Secerat (Romania)

De secerat (deh seh-tcheh-RAHT) is a dance from Maramureş,Romania, and is a song to accompany harvesting.It was presented by Cristian Florescu and Sonia Dion at the 2017 Stockton Folk Dance Camp at University of the Pacific. Note this video recording uses a shorter intro than the original music. Dance notes

Abdala (Bulgaria)

Abdala (AHB-dah-lah), sometimes known as Vlasko Dajcovo, was learned by Yves Moreau during March, 1970 from Nikola Vajtusev, a 75 year old man from the village of Vrav, Vidin District in N.W. Bulgaria. This type of dance is quite common throughout several villages along the Danube in N.W. Bulgaria. It […]

Branle De La Fosse Aux Loups (France)

Originally taught in the US by Roberto Bagnoli. The notes from France seem to indicate that it was introduced there by Andrée Fischer. The name translates as “Branle from the wolf pit”. Branles are circle dances from the Alsace region of Eastern France and the name refers to the side […]

Hineh Ma Tov (Israel)

The words for Hineh Ma Tov come from Psalm 133, and have been set to a number of melodies. One of those melodies was used in the 1950’s by Rivka Sturman when she created a simple circle dance which is still done today. This version of Hineh Ma Tovwas created […]