Scholarship Fund

The Folk Dance Federation of California provides several scholarships each year to potential group leaders and/or teachers of folk dancing, as well as dancers who demonstrate a financial need.

Scholarships have historically been given for partial tuition to Stockton Folk Dance Camp. Over the years many people have enjoyed this dance camp experience. The Federation Scholarship Program was expanded in 2010 to include any other folk dance camp or workshop in California.

To apply for a scholarship:

  • The applicant must be an individual, student or family member of the Folk Dance Federation. Membership form is available here.
  • The applicant needs to submit information on his/her financial need.
  • The applicant needs to submit plans of how he/she intends to use the experience at the event.
  • Typical grant amounts are 50% of the cost for attending a camp in the US, but amounts will vary.
  • The recipient(s) must submit a written report within 30 days after the event to the Scholarship Committee about the experiences at the event.

You may download a Scholarship Application as a PDF or as a Microsoft Word file.

Additional information about this scholarship program is available from Sabine Zappe. Sabine’s mailing address is 153 Race Street, San Jose, CA  95126.

In addition, please consider applying for to the National Folk Organization which offers a “Discovery Grant” that pays for travel expenses.