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Published Dance List by Name

Over 1200 Dances Descriptions have been published (on paper) by the Federation. More dance descriptions are published every month in the Let's Dance Magazine. This is only a partial list of the published dances and does not contain the many individually published dances descriptions.

Note: Some of these dances are PDF files can be up to 200K in size. Please be patient for downloads.
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A Trip to Paris         England        Volume A-2  Beginner
Adje Jano
Ajde Lepa Maro          Serbia         Volume A-3  Beginner
Alexandrovska           Russia         Volume B-1  Intermediate
Ali Pasa                Turkey         Volume D-2  Non-Partner
Alunelul                Romania        Volume A-2  Beginner
Alunelul                Romania        Volume D-1  Non-Partner
Amanor Waltz            American/NorwegVolume B-2  Intermediate
Apat-Apat               Philippines    Volume A-3  Beginner
Ardeleana Cu Figuri     Romania        Volume C-2  Advanced
Armenian Misirlou       Armenia        Volume D-1  Non-Partner
At Va Ani               Israel         Volume D-1  Non-Partner
Baile Da Camacha        Portugal       Volume C-1  Advanced
Bal in da Straat        Belgium        Volume A-3  Beginner
Ballas From Chios       Greece         Volume C-2  Advanced
Basic Paidushko         Bulgaria/MacedoVolume D-1  Non-Partner
Basic Syrtos            Greece         Volume D-1  Non-Partner
Beautiful Ohio Waltz    American       Volume B-1  Intermediate
Bela Rada               Serbia         Volume D-1  Non-Partner
Belasicko               Macedonia      Volume D-1  Non-Partner
Bella Franca            Catelonia      Volume D-1  Non-Partner
Biddy the Basket Woman
Biserka-Bojerka         Serbia         Volume A-3  Beginner
Black Hawk Waltz        American       Volume B-1  Intermediate
Blue Pacific Waltz      American       Volume B-1  Intermediate
Bluebell Waltz          Scotland       Volume A-2  Beginner
Boston Two Step         England        Volume A-1  Beginner
Bourree Droite Du Pays FFrance         Volume C-2  Advanced
Bourrees Croisees       France         Volume C-2  Advanced
Brandiswalzer           Switzerland    Volume B-2  Intermediate
Bunder Cheerab
Caballito  Blanco       Mexico         Volume B-2  Intermediate
Cacak                   Serbia         Volume D-1  Non-Partner
California Schottische  American       Volume A-1  Beginner
Camceto                 Macedonia      Volume D-2  Non-Partner
Canadian Barn Dance     England        Volume A-2  Beginner
Cardas z Kosickych HamroSlovakia       Volume C-1  Advanced
Carnavilito             Bolivia        Volume D-2  Non-Partner
Cattle Call Waltz       American       Volume B-1  Intermediate
Cielito Lindo           American       Volume A-1  Beginner
Ciuleandra              Romania        Volume D-2  Non-Partner
Clap and Turn           Slovenia       Volume A-2  Beginner
Corrido                 Mexico         Volume B-1  Intermediate
Cotton Eyed Joe         American       Volume A-1  Beginner
Couple Hasapiko         Greece         Volume B-2  Intermediate
Cumberland Reel         Scotland       Volume A-2  Beginner
Cumberland Square       England        Volume A-1  Beginner
D'Hammerschmiedsg'selln Germany        Volume A-3  Beginner
Dajcovo Horo            Bulgaria       Volume D-2  Non-Partner
Danish Family Circle    Denmark        Volume A-2  Beginner
Danish Schottische      Denmark        Volume A-2  Beginner
Das Fenster             Germany        Volume A-3  Beginner
Debki Zaroura           Syria          Volume D-1  Non-Partner
Der Wolgaster           Germany        Volume B-2  Intermediate
Divcibarsko Kolo        Serbia         Volume D-2  Non-Partner
Dodi Li                 Israel         Volume B-2  Intermediate
Doris Waltz             England        Volume A-1  Beginner
Doudlebska Polka        Czechoslovakia Volume A-2  Beginner
Dr. Gsatslig            Switzerland    Volume A-2  Beginner
Dreisteyrer             Austrian/Tyrol Volume B-2  Intermediate
Drmes from Zdencina     Croatia        Volume D-1  Non-Partner
Dura                    Romania        Volume D-1  Non-Partner
Dutch Foursome          England        Volume A-1  Beginner
Eide Ratas              Estonia        Volume A-1  Beginner
Eh Hatal
Eide Ratas
El Caballero            Early CaliforniVolume B-2  Intermediate
El Ginat Egos           Israel         Volume C-2  Advanced
El Schotis Viejo        Mexico         Volume B-2  Intermediate
Eleno Mome              Bulgaria       Volume D-1  Non-Partner
Elizabeth Quadrille     American       Volume B-2  Intermediate
Ere Shel Shoshanim      Israel         Volume D-2  Non-Partner
Erev Ba                 Israel         Volume D-1  Non-Partner
Ersko Kolo              Serbia         Volume D-1  Non-Partner
Espan                   Russia         Volume B-1  Intermediate
Eva Three-Step          England        Volume A-1  Beginner
Fado Blanquita          Portugal       Volume A-1  Beginner
Familie Sekstur
Fandango Espana         spain          Volume B-2  Intermediate
Fascination Tango       England        Volume B-1  Intermediate
Friss Magyar Csardas    Hungary        Volume C-2  Advanced
Gerakina                Greece         Volume D-2  Non-Partner
Geud Man of Ballingigh  England        Volume A-2  Beginner
Glowworm                American       Volume B-1  Intermediate
Gocina Kolo             Serbia         Volume D-2  Non-Partner
Godecki Cacak
Grand Square            American       Volume A-3  Beginner
Grosser Achterrum       Germany        Volume A-2  Beginner
Gruzanka                Serbia         Volume D-1  Non-Partner
Ha'eer Beafor           Israel         Volume D-2  Non-Partner
Ha'shual                Israel         Volume D-2  Non-Partner
Hambo                   Swedish        Volume B-1  Intermediate
Haplik                  Philippines    Volume B-2  Intermediate
Haro a Haktana Min HagaiIsrael         Volume D-2  Non-Partner
Hasapikos               Greece         Volume D-2  Non-Partner
Hava Nagilla            Israel         Volume B-1  Intermediate
Hiotikos                Greece         Volume D-2  Non-Partner
Hofbrauhaus Laendler    Bavaria        Volume C-1  Advanced
Hole in the Wall        England        Volume A-3  Beginner
Hopak                   Ukraine        Volume C-1  Advanced
Hora Chassidit          Israel         Volume D-1  Non-Partner
Hora de mina            Romania        Volume D-2  Non-Partner
Hora Fetelor            Romania        Volume D-2  Non-Partner
Horehronsky Chardas     Slovakia       Volume D-1  Non-Partner
Horo Spoitorilor        Romania        Volume D-2  Non-Partner
Il Codiglioni           Italy          Volume A-2  Beginner

Invirtita de la Sibiu   Romania        Volume C-2  Advanced
Iste Hendek             Turkey         Volume D-2  Non-Partner
Italian Quadrille       American/ItaliaVolume B-1  Intermediate
Ivanice                 Macedonia      Volume D-2  Non-Partner
Jarabe de la Botella    Mexico         Volume C-2  Advanced
Jiffy Mixer             American       Volume A-3  Beginner
Jota Aragonesa          Spain          Volume C-2  Advanced
Jota de Badajoz         spain          Volume C-2  Advanced
Jovano Jovanke          Macedonia      Volume D-1  Non-Partner
Jove Malaj Mome         Bulgaria       Volume D-2  Non-Partner
Kaiserlaendler          Austria        Volume A-2  Beginner
Kamariaskaya            Russia         Volume C-1  Advanced
Karagouna               Greece         Volume D-1  Non-Partner
Kerry Reel              Ireland        Volume C-2  Advanced
Knodeldrahner           Austria        Volume A-3  Beginner
Kohanotchka             Russia         Volume A-1  Beginner
Kokonjeste              Serbia         Volume D-1  Non-Partner
Kol Dodi                Israel         Volume A-3  Beginner
Korcsardas              Hungary        Volume A-3  Beginner
Korobushka              Russia         Volume A-1  Beginner
Kortanc                 Hungary        Volume A-3  Beginner
Kostursko Oro           Macedonia      Volume D-1  Non-Partner
Kreuz Koenig
Krici Krici Ticek       Croatia        Volume D-2  Non-Partner
La Bastringue           Canada [French Volume A-3  Beginner
La Mesticita            Mexico         Volume C-1  Advanced
Laces and Graces        American       Volume A-1  Beginner
Lach Lamidbar           Israel         Volume B-2  Intermediate
Ladies' Whim            Russia         Volume A-1  Beginner
Las Altenitas           Mexico         Volume B-1  Intermediate
Las Dulcitas Tango      Argentina      Volume B-2  Intermediate
Las Virginias           Mexico         Volume B-2  Intermediate
Lesnoto                 Macedonia      Volume D-2  Non-Partner
Lech Lamidbar           Israel         Volume D-1  Non-Partner
Little Man in a Fix     Denmark        Volume A-2  Beginner
Makedonka               Yugoslavia     Volume A-3  Beginner
Ma Na'Avu               Israel         Volume A-3  Beginner
Mairi's Wedding         Scotland       Volume C-2  Advanced
Makazice                Yugoslavia     Volume A-3  Beginner
Man in the Hay          Germany        Volume A-2  Beginner
Marklaender             Germany        Volume B-1  Intermediate
Mascando Chiquite       New Mexico     Volume A-2  Beginner
Maxixe                  American/BrazilVolume B-1  Intermediate
Mayim                   Israel         Volume A-2  Beginner
Mayim                   Israel         Volume D-1  Non-Partner
Meitschi Putz Di        American/Swiss Volume A-1  Beginner
Mexican Schottis        Mexican/AmericaVolume B-1  Intermediate
Misirlou                Greece         Volume D-1  Non-Partner
Miteritsa               Greece         Volume D-2  Non-Partner
Narodno Horo            Bulgaria/MacedoVolume D-1  Non-Partner
Nebesko Kolo            Bulgarian                  Beginner
Neda Grivne             Serbia         Volume A-2  Beginner
Neda Grivne             Serbia         Volume D-1  Non-Partner
Neopolitan Tarantella   Italy          Volume B-1  Intermediate
Neopolitan Tarantella   Italy          Volume C-1  Advanced
Niguno Shel Yossi       Israel         Volume A-3  Beginner
Oberek Opoczynski       Poland         Volume B-2  Intermediate
Oberek Zvicainy         Poland         Volume C-1  Advanced
Od Wloclawek            Poland         Volume C-2  Advanced
Oklahoma Mixer          American       Volume A-1  Beginner
Oklahoma Mixer for ThreeAmerican       Volume A-2  Beginner
Orijent                 Serbia         Volume D-2  Non-Partner
Oslo Waltz              England/ScottIaVolume A-2  Beginner
Paidushko Horo          Bulgaria/MacedoVolume D-1  Non-Partner
Parado de Valdemosa     Mallorca       Volume C-1  Advanced
Pentozalis              Greece         Volume D-1  Non-Partner
Pleskavac               Serbia         Volume A-3  Beginner
Polish Mazur            Poland         Volume C-1  Advanced
Polka Mazurka           Polish/AmericanVolume B-1  Intermediate
Polka Sa Nayon          Philippines    Volume B-2  Intermediate
Polyanka                Russia         Volume C-1  Advanced
Prekid Kolo             Serbia         Volume B-2  Intermediate
Raksi Jaak              Estonia        Volume A-2  Beginner
Ranchera                Argentina      Volume A-1  Beginner
Ridee                   France-Britany Volume D-2  Non-Partner
Road to the Isles       Scotland       Volume A-1  Beginner
Royal Empress Tango     England        Volume A-1  Beginner
Russian Peasant Dance   Russia         Volume C-1  Advanced
Russian polka           Russia         Volume A-1  Beginner
Salty Dog Rag           American       Volume A-3  Beginner
Sandansko Horo          Bulgaria       Volume D-2  Non-Partner
Sauerlander Quadrille   Germany        Volume B-2  Intermediate
Savila Se Bela Loza     Serbia         Volume D-1  Non-Partner
Scandinavian Polka      Scandinavian   Volume A-1  Beginner
Schuhplattler Quadrille Bavaria        Volume B-2  Intermediate
Seeroon Aghcheeg [Sweet Armenian/AmericVolume D-2  Non-Partner
Seljancica              Yugoslavia     Volume B-1  Intermediate
Seljancica              Yugoslavia     Volume D-1  Non-Partner
Seljancica Kolo         Yugoslavia     Volume A-2  Beginner
Senftenberger           Germany        Volume B-1  Intermediate
Set de Fortierville     Canada [French Volume A-3  Beginner
Setnja                  Serbia         Volume A-2  Beginner
Setnja                  Serbia         Volume D-1  Non-Partner
Shaam Hareh Golan       Israel         Volume D-2  Non-Partner
Ship O Grace            Scotland       Volume B-2  Intermediate
Shuddel Bux             Germany        Volume B-2  Intermediate
Siamsa Beirte           Ireland        Volume B-2  Intermediate
Sicilian Circle         American       Volume A-2  Beginner
Sicilian Tarantella     Italy          Volume B-2  Intermediate
Silistrenska Tropanka   Bulgaria       Volume D-2  Non-Partner
Sjampa Dans             Denmark        Volume A-2  Beginner
Slavjanka               Yugoslavia     Volume D-1  Non-Partner
Slavjanka               Yugoslavia     Volume B-2  Intermediate
Slavonski Drmes         Slavonia       Volume C-2  Advanced
Slavonsko Kolo          Croatia        Volume D-1  Non-Partner
Slovenian Waltz         Slovenia       Volume B-2  Intermediate
Spanish Circle Waltz    American       Volume A-1  Beginner
Spinning Waltz          Finnland       Volume A-1  Beginner
Spinnradel              Germany        Volume A-2  Beginner
Square Tango            England        Volume A-1  Beginner
Srni Se Vrni            Macedonia      Volume D-1  Non-Partner
St. Bernard Waltz       Scottish [ModerVolume A-1  Beginner
St. Gilgen Fiurentanz   Austria        Volume A-3  Beginner
Sta Dyo                 Greece         Volume D-1  Non-Partner
Sudmalinas              Latvia         Volume A-2  Beginner
Sulam Ya'Akov           Israel         Volume A-3  Beginner
Susan's Gavotte         American       Volume A-2  Beginner
Sweets of May           Ireland        Volume B-2  Intermediate
Swedish Masquerade      Denmark        Volume A-2  Beginner
Swedish-Finn Mixer      Sweden         Volume A-3  Beginner
Swir Swir Mazur         Poland         Volume C-2  Advanced
Syrtos                  Greece         Volume D-1  Non-Partner
Ta Joaquinita           Mexico         Volume B-2  Intermediate
Ta'am Haman             Israel         Volume B-2  Intermediate
Tamborito               Panama         Volume A-2  Beginner
Tango Poquito           American       Volume A-3  Beginner
Tango Waltz             England        Volume A-1  Beginner
Tant'Hessi e            South Africa   Volume A-3  Beginner
Tarantella Montevergine Italy          Volume B-1  Intermediate
Tarina de la Abrud      Romania        Volume D-2  Non-Partner
Teton Mountain Stomp    American       Volume A-3  Beginner
The Mason's Apron       American       Volume A-3  Beginner
Thirteen Fourteen (1314)Scotland       Volume C-2  Advanced
Tiganilor               Romania        Volume D-2  Non-Partner
Tino Mori               Macedonia      Volume D-1  Non-Partner
To Ting                 Denmark        Volume A-2  Beginner
To Tur                  Denmark        Volume A-1  Beginner
Trava Trava             Greece         Volume D-1  Non-Partner
Triple Schottische      Scandinavian   Volume A-1  Beginner
Troika                  Russia         Volume A-3  Beginner
Trugnala Rumjana        Bulgaria       Volume A-3  Beginner
Tsiganochka             Russia         Volume A-1  Beginner
Tuljak                  Estonia        Volume B-1  Intermediate
Two Hand Reel           Ireland        Volume B-1  Intermediate
Tzadik Katamar          Israel         Volume D-2  Non-Partner
U Sest Koraka           Serbia         Volume D-2  Non-Partner
Ve'David                Israel         Volume A-3  Beginner
Vira Do Sito            Portugal       Volume C-2  Advanced
Vo Sada                 Ukraine        Volume B-1  Intermediate
Vranjanka               Serbia         Volume D-1  Non-Partner
Vranjanski Cacak        Serbia         Volume D-2  Non-Partner
Vrapcheto               Bulgaria       Volume A-3  Beginner
Vrni Se Vrni            Macedonia
Vrtielka                Slovakia       Volume B-2  Intermediate
Western Trio Mixer      American       Volume A-3  Beginner
Wooden Shoes            Lithuania      Volume A-1  Beginner
Zajecarka               Serbia         Volume A-2  Beginner
Zikino                  Serbia         Volume D-1  Non-Partner
Zillertaler Laendler    Austria        Volume B-1  Intermediate

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