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Abdala (Bulgaria)
Abdala (AHB-dah-lah), sometimes known as Vlasko Dajcovo, was learned by [...]
Adama V’Shamayim (Israel)
Choreographed by Gadi Bitton 2008 “Earth and Sky”
Adir Adirim (Israel)
Choreographed and taught by Gadi Bitton. Also widely taught by Roberto [...]
Adje Jano (Serbia)
Traditional Serbian dance from Kosovo “Come on Jana, let’s dance the kolo". [...]
Agir Halay (Turkey)
Taught by Ahmet Luleci “Slow Dance"
Al Gemali (Israel)
Choreographed by Moshe Eskayo 1971 “On my camel” Music by N. Sharabi. Dance [...]
Al Sadenu (Israel)
"Over the Field” - "Evening has descended over plowed field and garden; in [...]
Alunelul (Romania)
Alunelul means "Little Hazlenut" 2/4 meter. This dance was introduced by [...]
Alunelul de la Urzica (Romania)
From the village of Urzica 4/4 meter; taught by Sunni Boland
Ambee Dageetz (Armenia/US)
“Armenian Turn” Armenian shuffle dance with full turns Taught by Tom Bozigian
Arabim Fellahi (Turkey)
Arabım Fellahi (AH-rah-buhm feh-lah-HEE ) means “my Arabic farmer.” This [...]
Arcanul Batrinesc (Romania)
Arcanul Batrinesc (ahr-kah-NOOL BUH-trehn-ehsk) belongs to a family of [...]
Armenian Miserlou (Armenia/U.S.)
From the Armenian/American diaspora community in Racine, Wisconsin. Taught [...]
Arnautsko Horo (Macedonia)
Macedonian Dance choreographed and taught by Yves Moreau. The music is [...]
At Va’ani (Israel)
At Va'ani (AHT Vah-ahn-EE, meaning You and I) was composed by Danny Uziel [...]
Athela Mou (Greece/Rom)
Maurits van Geel choreographed the dance based on traditional steps for a [...]
B’har Hagilboa (Israel)
Choreographed by Sefi Aviv 1986 "On Mount Gilboa”
Bačvanka (Bulgaria)
Bulgarian dance introduced by Jaap Leegwater. Dance notes...
Balada Lemayan  (Israel)
"A ballad to spring”. Choreographer: Shlomo Maman 1983
Bat Tsurim (Israeli)
Choregraphed by Yoav Ashriel 1967 "Daughter of the Rock"
Bavno Oro (Macedonia)
Beautiful three-part Macedonian dance. "Slow Dance" - originally taught by [...]
Be Pundak Katan (Israel)
Choregraphed by Avi Perez 1988 "In a Small Tavern” About a sea captain with [...]
Belasicko (Macedonia)
Belasičko (BELL-ah-SEETCH-koh) is a line dance originating from the town of [...]
Belčova Tropanka (Bulgaria)
One of the many variations on the dance Tropanka, widespread throughout [...]
Beleilot Hakayitz (Israel)
Beleilot Hakayitz Hachamim (Hot Summer Nights) - Israeli folk dance by [...]
Bicak (Bulgaria)
Popular dance from Pirin (SW Bulgaria) Taught by Yves Moreau who learned it [...]
Bingeol (Armenia)
Bingeol (BIHN-guhl) is the name of a village in former West Armenia (now [...]
Blagoevgradsko Horo (Bulgaria)
The name of the music and dance means simply “(round) dance from [...]
Boker (Israel)
Choreographed by Shmulik Gov Ari 1997 “Morning"
Bufcansko Oro (Macedonia)
Women's dance from the Macedonian village of Buf, region of Bitola 2/4 [...]
Busuiocul (Romania)
The title translates as "The Basil". This dance was taught at the Phoenix [...]
Cazino (Romania/Rom)
Rom dance from Muntenia, Romania presented by Sonia Dion & Cristian [...]
Celebinsko Horo (Bulgaria)
Celebinsko Horo, Bulgarian folk dance from Trakia region, Bulgaria. [...]
Cetvorka (Macedonia)
Četvorka (CHET-vohr-kah) means "In Fours." The dance was presented at the [...]
Chibuk Ba’Chashecha (Israel)
Choreographed by Oren Ashkenazi 2007 “A Hug in the Darkness"
Chikulata Chikita (Greece/Rom)
Choreographed and arranged by Susan Kotansky Music by Giorgo Zanthiotis
Cicovata (Bulgaria)
From the Vidin area, Northwest Bulgaria Taught by Steve Kotansky based on [...]
Cigansko Horo (Bulgaria)
There are many dances called Cigansko. This one is a variant of the dance [...]
Cije E One Mome (Macedonia)
This is a wedding dance from the Kočani area of Macedonia. It is danced [...]
Ciuleandra (Romania)
Mihai David presented Ciuleandra (choo-LAN-druh) at the 1972 Kolo Festival [...]
Corlu Aroman (Romania)
Corlu Aroman (KOHR-loo ah-roh-MAHN) means Aroman Dance, or dance of the [...]
Dafino Vino (Macedonia)
This is the version taught in the US by Iliana Bozhanova. There are other [...]
Daichovo Horo (Bulgaria)
“Dajco’s dance” Originally from North Bulgaria; danced throughout the [...]
Damat Halayi (Turkey)
Damat Halayı translates as Groom Dance, and indeed it is a popular dance at [...]
Dana (Romania)
In the Romanian folk repertoire are found many modern dances with Eastern [...]
Darkeinu (Israeli)
Choreographed by Gadi Biton 2002 Music by Sarit Vino-Elad and Chani [...]
Daronee Yerker Yev Barer (Armenia)
From the Daron region of Western Armenia. The traditional dance associated [...]
David Melech Israel (Israel)
Choreographed by Shmulik Gov Ari 2007; music composed & sung by Chava [...]
Davorike Dajke (Serbia)
Davorike Dajke was presented by Miroslav Marcetio at Mainwoods Dance Camp [...]
De Secerat (Romania)
De secerat (deh seh-tcheh-RAHT) is a dance from Maramureş,Romania, and is a [...]
Dedo Mili Dedo (Macedonia)
Dedo Mili Dedo (DEH-doh mee-lee DEH-doh) originated in Gradmanci in the [...]
Devetorka (Balkan)
Commonly danced throughout Macedonia, Serbia, and Bulgaria In 9/8 rhythm (QQQS)
Dobrudjanska Pandela (Bulgaria)
Dobrudjanska Pandela is a dance from Dobrudja, northeastern Bulgaria, [...]
Dospatsko Horo (Bulgaria)
Dospatsko Horo (doha-Paht-skoh hoh-ROH) was learned by Yves Moreau in [...]
Draganinata (Bulgaria)
Draganinata, circle dance from Trakia region, Bulgaria. Presented by the [...]
Dramskoto (Bulgaria)
An urban dance from the early 20th century done to a well-known song, Dujni [...]
Dzangurica (Bulgaria)
Introduced by Yves Moreau 1972 From the village of Dzangura in the Pirin [...]
Eilat (Israel)
Choreographed by Shmulik Gov Ari 1992 Eilat is the southern-most city in Israeli
Elmaların Yongası (Turkey)
Spoon dance from Konya in central Turkey, originally taught by Ahmet [...]
Enigma (Israel)
Choreographed by Roberto Haddon 2001 "My enigma, my torture, I feel in love [...]
Eretz Eretz (Israel)
Simple two-part dance; Eretz means "land" -- music & lyrics by Shaike [...]
Eretz Yisrael Yaffa (Israel)
Circle dance, waltz rhythm; by Yankele Levi 1980 "Israel is beautiful, [...]
Erev Ba (Israel)
Erev Ba (air-ehv bah) means "Evening Comes." This version was composed by [...]
Etere (Greece)
Pontic Greek dance taught by Kyriakos Moisidis at a 2021 virtual EEFC [...]
Etze Li Ha'Shuka (Israel)
Dance Name: Etze Li Ha'Shuka (The Market Song) Creation Year: 2019 Shape: [...]
Gaida (Romania)
Originally taught by Theodor Vasilescu, who learned the dance from George [...]
Gorani (Armenia)
Introduced to the US by Tineke Van Geel, who learned it from Artushat [...]
Gori More (Serbian American)
Gori More (GO-ree MO-reh) is a Serbian-American dance apparently created by [...]
Gugutkino Oro (Macedonia)
Gugutkino Oro, both dance and song, is from the northern part of Macedonia. [...]
Gülli (Turkey)
Gulli (guh-LEEH) is a woman's name translated as "the one with the rose." [...]
Ha Shoshana Porachat (Israel)
“The Rose is Blooming”. Music is a Ladino melody ("Los Bilbilicos"). [...]
Halev (Israel)
Choreographed by Gadi Bitton 2014 "The Heart"
Harishut (Israel)
Yemenite-style circle dance by Margalit Oved 1959 "The Permit"
Hashachar (Israel)
Choreographed by Shlomo Bachar 1972 “Dawn"
Hashual  (Israel)
Choreographed by Rivka Sturman, 1950. Hashual (The Fox). Surrey [...]
Haskovsko (Bulgaria)
Haskovsko (hahs-KOHV-skoh) (Indze Prez Gora Varvese) The name translates as [...]
Hayde Gidelum (Turkey)
Hayde Gidelum, Turkish Black Sea dance from Ahmet Lulec. The title [...]
Heyamo (Turkey)
Laz work song from the Eastern Black Sea region of Turkey. Heyamo was [...]
Hineh Ma Tov (Israel)
Choreographed by Rivka Sturman 1951. Music is a traditional Ashkenazic [...]
Hineh Ma Tov (Line Dance) (Israel)
The words for Hineh Ma Tov come from Psalm 133, and have been set to a [...]
Hopa Hopa (Albania)
Modern folk song, with traditional steps introduced & arranged by Steve [...]
Hora Agadati (Israel)
Hora Agadati (HOR-ah ah-gah-DAH-tee) is one of the earliest Israeli dances. [...]
Hora Anton Pann (Romania)
Beautiful Rumanian circle dance, transcribed the Anton Pann in the 19th [...]
Hora Boereasca (Romania)
This Hora Boereasca was originally introduced in the US by Sunni Bloland, [...]
Hora ca la Caval (Romania)
The same music is used for the dance Hora de la Rişipiţi taught by Sunni [...]
Hora Ca La Mahala (Romania)
Not to be confused with Hora Din Mahala, which is a different dance done to [...]
Hora Chassidit (Israel)
“Hassidic Dance" Choreographed by Rivka Sturman 1966
Hora De La Soroca (Romania)
Soroca, a town of some 40,000 inhabitants on the banks of the Nistru River, [...]
Hora de Mina (Romania)
Hora de Mina (HOH-rah day MUH-nuh) was learned by Mihai David while he was [...]
Hora din Campie (Romania)
Hora din Câmpie, meaning "Dance from the countryside", is a circle dance [...]
Hora din Humor (Romania)
From Bucovina, Romania. Originally presented by Sonia Dion and Cristian [...]
Hora din Tudora (Romania)
Presented by Sonia Dion and Cristian Florescu, Lyrids Folk Festival 2017. [...]
Hora Femeilor (Romania)
Women's dance from the regions of Oltenia and Muntenia Hora Mare ("big [...]
Hora Lautareasca Din Dolj (Romania)
From Southern Rumania (Oltenia), known for its liveliness and joie de vivre [...]
Hora Mare Bucovineana (Romania)
3-part circle dance, from the region of Moldova 6/8 rhythm This is the [...]
Hora Medura (Israel)
Choreographed by Yo'av Ashriel 1963; "Campfire Hora” "We came with nothing; [...]
Hora Miresii (Romania)
“Bride’s Dance” from Bihor, Transylvania Presented by Nico Hilerink. Dance [...]
Hora Veche (Romania)
Two-part Romanian dance, in 4/4 rhythm; “Old Dance" From Muntenia; taught [...]
Hoy Memo (Kurdistan/Turkey)
10/16 rhythm (SQSQ) Song about a mother mourning the death of her son Memo [...]
Idam ne Idam (Bulgaria)
Idam, ne Idam (EE-dahm, neh EE-dahrn) was choreographed by Yves Moreau [...]
Imate Li Vino (Macedonia)
Imate Li Vino (EE-mah-teh lee VEE-noh) is a popular song from the Strumica [...]
Inaduna (Turkey)
Ìnaduna (IHN-nah DOO-nah) means “against the will or nevertheless” and is a [...]
Indijski Cocek (Rom/Macedonia)
Indijski Čoček (IN0dee-skee CHOH-check), meaning East Indian Čoček, is a [...]
Ivanice (Macedonia)
Lovely one-pattern Macedonian dance in SQQ rhythm. First presented in the [...]
Jacob’s Ladder / Sulan Ya’Akov (Israel)
Popular circle dance, 2 parts; rhythm 2/4, then 6/8 Choregraphed by [...]
Jaimale (Israel)
Choreographed by Ariene Butel 2020 Music by Andriamad “I like to go"
Jiana de la Tilisca
The couple dance category covers an impressive number of dances in [...]
Joc Bătrânesc de la Niculiţel (Romania)
Joc Bătrânesc de la Niculiţel (ZHOHK buh-trah-NESK deen nee-koo-lee-TSEL) [...]
Joc de Leagane (Romania)
Dance celebrates the first birthday of a child and honors the midwives. The [...]
Joc in Patru (Romania)
Introduced by Theodor Vasilescu From Transylvania “Dance in Four"
Joshua (Israel)
Choreographed by Dani Dassa 1968
Kafan Wedding Dance (Armenia)
Originally taught by Tom Bozigian, who learned it from the Kafan Village [...]
Kalajdžisko (Macedonia)
Kalajdžisko dance comes from the town of Titoveles in the Titoveles region. [...]
Karamfil (Bulgaria)
"Carnation" -- name of rebel warrior and leader (Haiduk) mentioned in the [...]
Katerino Mome (Bulgaria)
From Pirin, Bulgaria "Katerina, why are you so beautiful and pretty? [...]
Katonti (Israel)
"I am not worthy of all the mercies and of all the truth which you have [...]
Khumkhuma/Teen (Armenia)
The dance was learned by Tom Bozigian in the early'60's from Jimmy Haboian [...]
Kircali Ali (Turkey)
Kircali Ali, Turkish dance, introduced by Ahmet Luleci.
Kirčo Na Čardak Sedeše (Bulgaria)
Originally taught and arranged by Jaap Leegwater. The title translates as [...]
Kisme Shaul (Israel)
Two-part Israeli dance "The Magic of Saul” Choreographed by Ya’akov Levy [...]
Kitko Zelena - Pravo Rodopsko Horo (Bulgaria)
This version is taught by Jaap Leegwater and Bianca De Jong to the music [...]
Kloca (Bulgaria)
This dance is from the village of Kosovo in the Vidin region of northern [...]
Koga me Mama Rodila (Bulgaria)
Koga Me Mama Rodila (koh-GAH meh MAH-mah roh-DEE-lah) is a basic Pravo [...]
Koritsa (Albania)
The name is the Greek version of the town name Korçë in Albania. It also [...]
Koritsa (Albania)
Koritsa means “girl” in Greek. Lee Otterholt learned this dance from Steve [...]
Kostadino Mili Sino
Originally taught by Jaap Leegwater. The dance is a medley of two dances [...]
Kouventa stin Kouventa (Albania)
Kouventa stin Kouventa, meaning "Conversation", was observed by Jaap [...]
Krajdunavsko Horo (Bulgaria)
Krajdunaysko Horo (krigh-DOO-nahv-skoh hoh-ROH), meaning Dance from the [...]
Krivatvorena (Serbia)
Originally taught in the US by Lee Otterholt, who learned it from Ben [...]
Krivo Ihtimansko Horo (Bulgaria)
A type of "Krivo" (mixed rhythm) dance from the region of Ihtiman in West [...]
Kulanu Bamitzad (Israel)
Choreographed by Chayim Shiryon 1986 “We’re all marching in the parade"
Kuma Echa (Israel)
Choreographed by Rivka Sturman 1937 "Rise, Brethren" -- music by Shalom Postolsky
Kune (Bulgaria)
Choreographed and taught by Iliana Bozhanova, also taught by Lee Otterholt. [...]
Kyustendilska Racenica (Bulgaria)
Basic Bulgarian line dance in QQS (7/8) rhythm This version of racenica is [...]
Lakum Vel’Amod (Israel)
Choreographed by Shmulik Gov Ari 1989 “To rise and to stand” - music by [...]
Lămîiţa (Romania)
Originally taught by Mihai David. The title translates as "Little Lemon". [...]
Lech Lamidbar (Israel)
Choreographed by Yoav Ashriel 1950 “Let’s go to the desert". Dance notes...
Lerikos (Greece)
Music by Greek singer Rena Dalia “Fun is what we need in our lives"
Lev Patuach (Israel)
"Open Heart" - choreographed by Edo Israely 2010; music by Lirln Lev
Libi (Israel)
Choreographer: Yuval Tabashi 2018 Composer: Antashi Friadman Singer: Levy [...]
Lo Ahavti Dai (Israel)
Od Lo Ahavti Dai translates as "I have not yet loved enough". Choreographed [...]
Louisiana Saturday Night (USA)
Louisiana Saturday Night (USA) performed for fun & entertainment at the [...]
Lubili Se Dvama Mladi (Bulgaria)
"Two young people in love" is a Bulgarian tune best known as "Le retour des [...]
Ma Navu (Israel)
Lyrics are from a biblical verse (Isaiah 52:7), music composed by Yossi [...]
Made in Romania (Romania)
Rom (Gypsy) dance from Muntenia, Romania. Presented at Stockton Folk Dance [...]
Manastir (Turkey)
Manastır (mah-nahs-tur) means Monastery. Manastır was the old Turkish name [...]
Mari Mariko (Bulgaria)
Introduced by Jaap Leegwater From Thrace “Dear Maria" Dance notes...
Mavilim (Turkey)
Translates as "My one with Blue" Originally taught by Ahmet Luleci at the [...]
Mavromata (Greek-German)
Mavromata (mahv-roh-MAH-tah), meaning "dark-eyed girl," was learned by Dick [...]
Mechol Hasheket (Israel)
“Good Night Sleep” or “Quiet Dance". Choreographed by Rivka Sturman 1964.
Mia Kori (Greece)
Mia Kori (Thracian Greece) Mia Kori (Mia Kori mia Diavatissa) is a simple [...]
Midnight Waltz (US)
This is a cross-step waltz,four-wall, line dance choreographed by Jo [...]
Moj Maro (Albania)
Traditional dance steps and forms from the Kolonje region of Southern [...]
Momino Horo (Bulgaria)
Momino Horo (moh-MEE-noh hoh-ROH) is an arrangement by Yves Moreau based on [...]
Myatalo Lenche (Bulgaria)
The song (MYAH-tah-loh LEHN-cheh) tells of young Lenche, who is determined [...]
Na’ale (Israel)
Choreographed by Shmulik Gov-Ari 1986 “We will go up; we will not look back"
Narino (Turkey)
From the Black Sea Coast of northern Anatolia; taught by Ahmet Luleci. [...]
Neshikat Turkit / Turkish Kiss (Israel)
One-wall line dance Choreographed by Meir Shem Tov
Nitzmadnu (Israel)
"We Got Close" Choreographed by Rafi Ziv 2007
Od Lo Ahavti Dai (Israel)
Od Lo Ahavti Dai translates as "I have not yet loved enough". Choreographed [...]
Oglan Oglan (Turkey)
Taught by Ahmet Luleci at the virtual 2021 World Spring Camp. The title [...]
Opa Cupa (Rom/Serbia)
Choreographed by Andy Bettis, taught by Steve Kotansky Music made famous by [...]
Ordu / Ordu’nun Isiklari (Turkey)
Ordu'nun Işiklari means "the lights of Ordu". Ordu (also known as Vona) is [...]
Oro Vlaška (Serbia)
Choreographed by Lee Otterholt, based on traditional steps he learned while [...]
Oromnia (Romania)
From the Muntenia region of southeastern Romania. The villages of Romania’s [...]
Paidushko (Bulgaria)
Basic Bulgarian dance; 10-count phrase, 3/8 rhythm, swinging arms. Paidusko [...]
Papatya (Turkey)
Papatya (pah-PAHT-yah), meaning "Wildflower," is a women's dance from NE [...]
Paraliakos (Greece)
Paraliakos (pah-rah-lee-ah-KOHSS) was learned by Lee Otterholt from [...]
Pazardžijska Kopanica (Bulgaria)
Pazardžijska Kopanica - Bulgaria "Kopanica line dance" from the region of [...]
Pitpalaca (Romania)
This dance is choreographed in a Roma style with music played by Taraful [...]
Prekid Kolo (Serbia)
The word "prekid" (preh-keed) means "pause." This dance was introduced b [...]
Primavera en Salonico (Greece/Sephardic)
Choreographed and taught by Steve Kotansky Based on a Greek Zebeikikos [...]
Rakkas (Turkey)
Rakkas means “female dancer.” Presented by Ahmet Lüleci at the 1999 [...]
Rapatma (Turkey)
Rapatma (RAH-paht-mah) is from an area northeast of Anatolia. It is from [...]
Ratevka (Macedonia)
Originally taught by Pece Atanasovski, Dick Crum (and others) Dance notes...
Retko Kolo or Krnjevacko Kolo (Serbia)
Taught by Bata Marčetić at the 2021 Texa-Kolo Festival and the 2014 Lyrids [...]
Rokdim Yechefim (Israel)
"Dancing Barefoot” Choreographed by Smulik Gov Ari 1992; Music by Yehuda Poliker
Rokoko Kolo (Croatia - Serbia)
This is a dance by Croatians who lived in Vojvoda in Serbia. The dance was [...]
Rona (Israel)
Choreographed by Sefi Aviv 1987 Music by Samir Shukri
Rumelaj (Macedonia)
Originally taught by Pece Atnovski and Atanas Koloravski as Jeni Jol Danced [...]
Rustemul (Romania)
Rusternul (Roo-STEH-mool) is from the region of Muntenia, southern Romania. [...]
Sadi Moma (Bulgaria)
Two part Bulgarian dance, in SQQ rhythm From southwestern Bulgaria, Pirin [...]
Sadil Be Stajko  (Bulgaria)
This basic and popular Rodopsko Horo is traditionally performed to the [...]
Salamati (Israel)
Choreographed by Gadi Bitton 2005 “Cheers"
Salty Dog Rag (USA)
The Salty Dog Rag is an American schottische dance described by the lyrics [...]
Samodiva (Bulgaria)
Taught by Lee Otterholt, originally taught (choreographed?) by Ventzi [...]
Sandansko Horo (Bulgaria)
Introduced by Yves Moreau in 1969 Alternating bars of 9/16 (QQQS) and 13/16 [...]
Şaşkın (Turkey)
The name means “bewildered” or “silly.” Introduced at the 2001 Stockton [...]
Sestorka (Serbia)
Introduced by Dick Crum From East Serbia “Dance in Six"
Setnja (Serbia)
2-part Serbian dance from Sumadija; "promenade/ walking / stroll”. Beloved [...]
Shalom Aleinu (Israeli)
Choreographed by Shmulik Gov-Ari 1998 “Peace will come upon us and on [...]
Shantel (Romania, Rom)
Shantel (shann-TEHL) is named after Shantel, the stage name for Stefan [...]
She’Keshe’Navo (Israel)
Choreographed by Avi Peretz 1986 “When We Return"
Shir al Etz (Israeli)
Choreographed by Yaakov Mariyom 1983 In 3/4 rhythm; to a Yiddish/Ladino [...]
Siksara (Turkey)
Originally taught by Ahmet Lüleci. Sıksara means "often cross". Dance notes...
Širto (Macedonia)
This dance, which is essentially identical to the Greek dance Syrtos. Is [...]
Sitna Baluca (Bulgaria)
Sitna Baluca (SEET-nah bah-LOO-tsah) or "a little meddling" acknowledges [...]
Sitno Severnjaško Horo (Bulgaria)
Originally taught in the US by Jaap Leegwater, who learned it form Jordan [...]
Strumička Petorka (Macedonia)
Strumička Petorka (STROO-meech-kah PEH-tor-kah) is a choreography of [...]
Svatba (Bulgaria, Macedonia)
Svatba (SVAHT-bah) means "wedding." The source for this dance is Belcho [...]
Svornato (Bulgaria)
Taught by Iliana Bozhanova at the 2021 Stockton Folk Dance Camp. She [...]
Sweet Girl (Armenian American)
Popular Armenian-American dance introduced by Tom Bozigian in 1960,12-count [...]
Syrtos Samothrakis (Greece)
Sytos Samothrakis (seer-TOHS sah-moh-THRAH-kees), meaning Syrtos from [...]
Takanata (Bulgaria)
Tâkanata (TUH-kah-nah-tah), observed at the August 1971 Koprivsvtica [...]
Tapan Cuka (Macedonia)
Presented at Stockton Folk Dance Camp 2018, Tapan Cuka (TAH-pahn CHOO-kah) [...]
Tik (Greece)
Pontic dance; can be done in 7/8, 5/8 or 9/16 rhythm
Tino Mori (Macedonia)
Macedonian dance in 7/8 rhythm, introduced by Atanas Koloravski "Tino" is a [...]
To Milo (Greece)
Introduced by Tineke van Geel Music by Giorgos Dalaras “The Apple" Dance notes...
Trabzoni Bar (Armenia)
The dance is from Trabzond, which is now in Turkey. The dance was [...]
Trei Păzeşte Bătrânesc (Romania)
Trei Păzeşte Bătrânesc was originally taught by Sunni Bloland. This dance [...]
Triti Pati (Bulgaria)
Originally taught by Dick Crum, also taught by Denis Boxell. Dance notes...
Tumbalalaika (Israel)
One-wall line dance choreographed by Rivka Sturman Russian/Yiddish song Tum [...]
Tzena Tzena (Israel)
Title means “Come Out, Come Out" "Go forth, daughters (and see soldiers in [...]
Tzil Zugim (Israel)
2-part Israeli dance, with clapping and snapping "Gong Tune" - choregraphed [...]
Üç Kiz Bir Ana (Turkey)
Originally taught by Ahmet Lüleci. The dance is from the town of Artvin, [...]
Valle e Dardhes (Albania)
Yves Moreau, Albanian group at Heritage '97. The dance was presented by [...]
Valle E Qemalit (Albania)
Choreographed by Ben Koopmanschap, also taught by Lee Otterholt. Dance Notes...
Valle Pogonishte (Albania)
Based on Albanian pogonishte step. Choreographed and taught by Yves Moreau. [...]
Valle Toskerishte (Albania)
Taught in the USA by Lee Otterholt and Steve Kotansky, who learned it from [...]
Vallja e Pllanes (Albania)
Taught by Steve Kotansky at the Veselo Festival 2020, in Eugene, Oregon
Vals Agur (Israel)
Originally a couple dance, but also danced in line format Choregraphed by [...]
Ve David Yefe Einayim (Israel)
Ve David Yefe Einayim - Teach & Dance Instructor: Rikudei Am Singer:Yuval [...]
Vidinsko Horo (Bulgaria)
Vidinsko horo (VEE-deen-skoh hoh-ROH), is an arrangement of traditional [...]
Vlaško (Bulgaria)
Vlaško (VLAIASH-koh) is a Vlach dance from N. Bulgaria. It was learned by [...]
Vlaško Za Pojas (Serbia)
Originally taught by Ciga Despotovic, but recently retaught widely by Lee [...]
Vodarki Oro (Macedonia)
This is a Medley of dances from Ovčepol that were put together by Atanas [...]
Vranjanka (Sano Duso) (Serbia)
Vranjanka was learned in Yugoslavia by Richard Crum who introduced it at [...]
Vulpiuta (Romania)
Vu1pita (voo1-PEE-tsah) meaning"The Little Fox,"comes from the Oltenia [...]
Ya Raya (Israel)
This dance is an excellent example of cultural mixing and fluidity that [...]
Yagmur Yagar (Turkey)
This women's dance is from Trakya in the northwestern part of Turkey, done [...]
Yar Ko Parag (Armenia)
Originally taught by Tineke van Geel. Also widely taught by Lee Otterholt. [...]
Zek Zek Dadumle (Serbia/Macedonia/Rom)
Introduced by Steve Kotansky Cocek-style dance done throughout the Balkans [...]
Zemer Atik (Israel)
"Ancient Song" - lyrics say when we "raise our glasses together, our eyes [...]
Zensko Kapansko Horo (Bulgaria)
Zensko Kapansko Horo (ZHEHN-skoh KAH-pahn-skoh Hoh-ROH) A dance from [...]
Zonradikos (Greece)
Basic dance from Greek Thrace, similar to a Bulgarian Pravo